Meeting with the Delegation of the European Union in Brazil

On July 1st, a virtual meeting was held between the Delegation of the European Union in Brazil and the IUCN Regional Office for South America, in the context of the Amazonia 2.0 project.

The aim of the meeting was to share the evolution of the project both at regional and national level in Brazil, the challenges and opportunities for its sustainability in order to continue contributing to the conservation and development of Amazonia; it is worth mentioning that the Amazonia 2.0 project is funded by the European Union and its regional implementation is coordinated by IUCN. The general response of the European Union was positive for the progress and sustainability of the project, which stated that it would consider the A2.0 experience as a reference for a new regional initiative that they are developing together with the member states, and which will focus on monitoring invasions of indigenous territories, deforestation activities, illegal mining, etc., from which possible opportunities for joint cooperation were also discussed.

Likewise, they showed interest in knowing more about IUCN's position on other issues, such as the implementation of the standard for nature-based solutions (SbN), the positioning in the United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP 26, among others, for which IUCN's director for South America Gabriel Quijandría shared some advances and proposed to continue talking in the future.  

The meeting was attended by Stefan Agne, Cristina Carvalho, and Laurent Javaudin from the European Union delegation in Brazil, and Gabriel Quijandría, Consuelo Espinoza, Braulio Buendía, Carolle Alarcon, and Andrea Cucalón from IUCN South - Amazonia 2.0.